what a lucky girl

mosebacke rain jacket : stutterheim 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Obviously, I love to eat, but I also love spending a day thinking about how lucky I am. I am very blessed in a lot of ways, and even though I try to remember that every day, it's not always easy when it's midnight and I still have half my math homework to get through. This is a day for me to say thank you, and to get on my (new, very snazzy, impeccably waterproof) raincoat, and go for a walk with my family. To tell my partner why he's my favorite, and to remind all my friends that I love them. To pet my dog, and clean my house, and invite more people over for dinner. To be happy, and pass it on.  

Thank you for hanging out with me,
 and for making this little piece of the internet the best place to be. 

Happy thanksgiving!

x Justina 

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once I was 7 years old

Wow. It's been seven years guys. 

Seven years ago today, I sat down on a much clunkier computer and started building this blog, all because my mom told me that I probably wouldn't keep it up for longer than two weeks, and I wanted to prove her wrong. I'm so glad that this is the only thing I've been right about. 

We've had an good time, haven't we? And we've all grown up (just a little bit though). When I started this, I was 13 years old, 5'1, and everything I knew came from old issues of Teen Vogue I bought at the library for $0.25. Now I'm 20, 5'8, and a hoarder who still has all of those magazines. My world has been broadened immensely, and my overall collection is getting a bit out of hand, but I'm still having the time my life here with all of you. 

Thank you for reading, liking, 
and always forgiving me for tragically failing at any kind of structure. 

You guys are the bomb.com

x Justina

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market day

photos by jordan

shirt: charlotte russe
jeans: aeo

California is a fruit basket. 

No, I'm not talking about people from LA. We just really have a ton of fruit. and vegetables. and bread. and juice. looooots of juice. All of that adds up into some pretty fantastic farmers markets. 

One of my personal favorites is the one on Saturday mornings in Davis. From the still half-drunk college students to the frozen apple juice, it's just really cute. There's tons of dogs, and a woman who makes biriani, and lots of fresh flowers for me to sniff. But this weekend, I had a more important mission: PERSIMMONS. They're my absolute favorite fruit, and I wait for MONTHS for them to show up at the market, at which point I promptly buy them by the pound. There's an art to the whole thing, and I'm not going to divulge any of my secrets because I don't want any competition.

I keep waiting for some sort of sign (other than the presence of PSLs) that it's ~actually autumn~, but it's been 20 years, and California has barely turned a leaf.

x Justina 

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spooking season

overalls: modcloth

The only thing better than the start of spooking season? Blue corduroy overalls.

A slight breeze rustled through the evergreen trees in my suburb, and like that, it was fall. That's really the only indicator we get here. It was enough for me to reach for my brand new overalls from Modcloth and hit the old 'patch. When I was a kid, I used to ferret around for the biggest possible pumpkin my little stick arms could carry. Now, I just look for something cute and sufficiently spooky.

Speaking of childhood: corduroyyyyyy. These overalls are so satisfyingly textured. I'm constantly running my hands down them. Plus they're this deep navy blue color that makes them a bit fancier than my standard get-up. Even more enticingly, they just feel like fall. Or at least, what I imagine ~fall~ to feel like. They were part of my latest Modcloth raid - wait until y'all see the velvet dress.

We spent this evening wandering through one of the biggest corn mazes in California with a very confusing map, our suspiciously cheerful friends, and a rustling in the stalks that Jordan said was a mouse..

..but I'm pretty sure it was just a very small ghost.

x Justina

ps. I need ideas for a Halloween costume!! Any suggestions?

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twenty years later...

me in 2013, on my 16th birthday

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. I'm officially twenty years old, which, *SPOILER ALERT* means I'm not a teenager anymore. That's just...strange. I've been a -teen for seven years, and all of a sudden it just happened and the earth kept revolving and ...

*dramatic pause*


(I'm one of those annoying people who thinks age is an arbitrary concept, but I do realize the gravity of this moment, so I want to use it to send a single idea.)

My teenage years would not make for a great YA novel. I was never that angsty, mainly just hangry. I didn't have an identity crisis. I never got invited anywhere so I never had a "partying phase". I needed my mom's help to dye my hair purple. I was homeschooled and never took the SAT.  But I did get to do a lot of cool stuff. At 13 I started this blog, at 14 I was in Teen Vogue, at 15 I stood up for Barbie, and at 16 I graduated high school. At 17 I moved to Germany, when I was 18 I gave up my dreams of being a Disney Channel star, and this last year I got on a helicopter and spoke to crowds and finally learned how to thread eyebrows.

BIG PICTURE: Young people have an extraordinary capacity for greatness if people stop using their age as a barrier. 

So no, as of today I will no longer be an "extraordinary/incredible/talented/fill-in-your-preferred-adjective teen" - but I'm exactly who 13 year old me wanted to be.

5'8, green streaks,
and still talking to myself on the internet.  

x Justina

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get stepping

shoes: vans

I cringe at being such a cliche, but I really do love shoes. I spend a lot of time on my feet, running around, and it's important to me that they don't just fall off. Sneakers, heels, boots, clogs. I wear them all, and will always buy another pair. That said, I moved with a swiftness when The Great Mall invited me to come check out their latest mall-wide sale - 
because a sale at an outlet mall is 2x better than a sale at a regular mall. 

I love to prepare for things as far in advance as possible, but yesterday, I just went with the flow - and tried on every. single. pair. of. shoes. That's not to say that I didn't predict my inevitable purchase of these pastel vans - I've been eyeing them for months - just that I wanted to be sure.

I remember as a kid being so done with shoe shopping that I literally just took them off and threw them as far away from me as I could physically managed. After being forced to walk the two feet to pick them up, I resolved that I would never make anyone go through what was clearly an act of torment.

Sorry Chloie.

x Justina

ps. this post was produced in partnership with simon malls, but remember the rules: 
no pair of shoes can buy my love. 

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good genes

photos by benjamin 

jeans: american eagle

I have a stack of jeans in my room that is commonly referred to as "the jeans pile". It's full of not-quite-high waists, steathily stitched holes in knees, and fake pockets. I'm basically always in pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans for my no-butt, extra long self. Many have tried, most end up in the jeans pile. As a girl who grew up believing in the magic of the traveling pants, I've basically been disappointed my entire youth. But American Eagle finally came through for me: I was just looking in the wrong decade.

(Me, I am the stick.)

Real denim, deep pockets, and a waist that - wait for it - doesn't need a belt.

Just let that sink in.

No. Belt.

For those of you blessed with pants that stay on your body through the forces of gravity, let me jsut ut this in perspective: I have to wear a belt with skinny jeans. That is how bad the waist-gap is.

So lets just all take a moment and remember that
the 90's weren't all itchy body glitters. 

x Justina 

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starter pack


Okay, I know it's not cool but I am a creature of habit. It has to be admitted.  I will try anything once, but I like the things I like. That means I am literally the worst person to shop for ever.

(This has been pointed out to me multiple times (a day) by everyone who is trying to love me and give me a birthday present. That's right, it's that time of year again - October 2nd, I'm turning 20.
 Which is totally crazy in it's own way because that means you guys have been hanging out with me for seven. years. But that's another blog post.)

Unfortunately for my friends and family, I am a. indecisive and b. like to get second- third- fourth- opinions on everything. BUT I'M NOT ALONE. I know you have a friend like me. We're everywhere, ruining dinner plans and changing outfits three times a day. So I made a Justina Starter Pack - all the things needed to properly equip your everyday Justina.

1. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack //
I carry around too much stuff to put in a nice purse and also I'm in college so

2. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb //
Okay so I don't have this yet bc shipping is slow but it was blessed by our lord and
 savior Rihanna herself, so I'm sure it incredible.

3. 32oz Hydroflask //
I am from California and I was born dehydrated. I carry this bottle around the way normal people carry around their firstborn child.

4. Revolution Strobe Highlighter //
This highlighter costs $6 for a $6 million dollar glow and I am here for it.
(Note from Justina's boyfriend: it breaks if you drop it.)

5. ban.DO standard planner //
I bought this because it came with stickers and that intrigued me. It now holds all my secrets.

6. INSTAX SQ10 //
Square instant photos. What a revolutionary idea. *Wink*
(No but this one is digital and has filters INSIDE IT and is basically my favorite piece of retro tech.)

7. American Eagle Mom Jeans //

8. Baby G-Shock BA110BE - 4A (whew) //
It's pink, pretty, and practically indestructible. Plus it tells me how late I already am to wherever I should already be.

9. MeUndies Monthly Subscription //
All I want out of my grown-up life is to be a MeUndies model. Since that hasn't happened yet,
I'll just settle for dancing around my house sans pants in the comfiest undies known to man.

10. Mantra Bands //
Speak it into existence, and if you're too tired, let your wrists do it for you.

11. ban.DO sticker book vol.3 //
If you're gonna get the planner, you're gonna want more stickers.
Trust me.

12. TOMS sunglasses //
I know some places experience the mythical season of Winter, but here we're permanently stuck in season one of Game of Thrones - they just keep telling us it's coming with no real proof.
Sunnies stay on deck.

13. Sebago Docksides //
The frat bros are onto something. These shoes are mad comfortable, and have a slightly more polished look than the average flip flops (erlack)

There you have it.
Pile all those things on top of each other, throw some coffee at it,
and you'll have a pretty decent replica of me.

x Justina

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colorful language

Just a couple of things about the messiest date I've ever gone on in my life,
 including that one time at the spaghetti factory: 

Yes, this looks just as cool in person as it does on everyone's instagram feeds.

No, it was not a color run. I don't run for anything, or anyone, ever.

Yes, it will get into every crevice of your soul, and then stay there, 
turning you a nice hue of purple.

No, it won't get in your eyes,
but only if you use your boyfriend as a shield every time someone throws color directly at you.

x Justina

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hitting the hallways

photos by jordan

So this is it y'all - school starts tomorrow, and summer '17 is officially coming to a close. The last two weeks especially have been a whirlwind. You may have noticed my suspicious silence. (Probably not though) I was hopping on and off of planes, trying to not drown in the Louisiana downpours, and eating copious amounts of gumbo. I was also trying to sort out my class schedule this semester which is wall*claps*to*claps*wall. It may actually cause me to pass out from exhaustion like twice a week. But in the words of the great spiritual master Lil Dicky, that's my niche. 

Here's some well wishes for us all in this coming fall semester: 

- May our binders stay as organized as they are right now.

- May we look first-day-of-school good even when it's middle-of-midterms.

- May the campus-wide wifi never cut out.

- May we make at least one friend in every class who will text us the notes we missed.

- May our student ID's grant us great discounts in places we like to eat.

- May our homework be complete, on time, and more importantly, understood.

- May our instagrams stay poppin' + our twitter feeds full of real words.

- May we enjoy the privilege of education, and use it to better ourselves and the world around us

because lord knows we need some help. 

x Justina

ps. If you're a female undergrad, reading this before September 5th, and you want to hang out with some incredibly successful women on an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC, click here. 

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